Out of the ghetto night, an event to break the silence.

Together to make the difference! On the 8th of August a very important event is going to be hosted at The Russet, in the heart of Hackney. An evening of music, drinks and fun to fight exploitation, misery and poverty.

A live concert will be performed with the special participation of Lovelace, a young artist with a charming voice who is making her name on the London scene.

But that is not all.

On the stage we will also see Tommy and the Heart-breakers, Tom Bem + special guest!

The aim of this special event, organized by Italian people living in London, is to raise funds for a very important cause: helping out migrants from Africa currently working on the tomato harvest in Basilicata (Italy).

London and Italy together against the injustice, is now a reality.

What are we talking about?

Read on..

Once upon a time, in a small village in the heart of Basilicata (Italy), where year after year, the wonderful tomatoes are harvested in a time of celebration.

We would love to say that this is a fairy tale, but is not.

In this once beautiful village, every summer hundreds of migrants from Africa come in the hope of earning some money and escaping from the poverty of their countries but instead, they find themselves trapped. Once again, poverty, exploitation, and the misery of risking their lives, over and over again. They come for the tomato harvest, doing a job that no one wants to do, contributing to the profits of big companies.

What do they get back?

Less than 5 euros a day, living in horrendous conditions, often sleeping on the floor in unhygienic environments.

In the last few years though, after a couple of dramatic situations, people have started to become aware of what is going on there, in the countryside of one of the most beautiful lands of Southern Italy. Protests, events and debate have started to raise awareness amongst the people.

But it is not enough, not yet.

Whilst in Italy, “Campagne in lotta” together with “Osservatorio Migranti Basilicata” and other local associations have started to raise funds to help those people in trouble, we think that we can do something here, also in London.

To give a different ending to something that is far from being a fairy tale, but might become the beginning of something that will make the difference and give a normal life for many Africans families.

We aim to raise funds in order to make those people independent from their exploiters (caporali) which currently have total control of their lives.

We are building a web of volunteers involved in different tasks like Italian classes, for instance. Many of those people in fact, after the tomato harvest season, remain in Italy, experiencing many difficulties of integration.

So, the 8th of August, come along and make the difference!

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/142779239263096/?ref=2

Rossana Caglia: rossana.caglia@gmail.com 07751753648

Londrachiamaitalia: londrachiamaitalia@gmail.com

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  1. It’s been amazing!! Thank to all of you for taking part to this awesome evening. Your participation means a lot! We’ll post the photos of the night very soon! Thank you!!

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