The Cry of the Double Bass, a new contemporary opera to be on stage for the Tête à Tête Festival

An award-winning choreographer, Riccardo Buscarini is an artist known for focusing on constantly changing his creative approach to choreography and exploring its possible interactions with other art forms. His works to date are all quite different and include pieces for the stage, urban spaces and art galleries. For the first time for the Tête à Tête Festival he will be the Director of a beautiful Contemporary Opera written by his friend and artist Sebastiano Dessanay. In this interview filmed by Alessandro Mariscalco, Riccardo tells us more about his journey as an artist and the work everybody will be able to enjoy this coming Thursday, 10th August at RADA‘s studios

This contemporary music work explores a subject rarely seen in an operatic context: the growth and progression of a musician. It tells the story of an unnamed artist, charting his journey from childhood to being an accomplished musician. The performer and his instrument, the double bass, are the protagonists around whom the plot evolves; creativity; the artist’s inner and spiritual search; the way society perceives musicians; overcoming various obstacles – the main themes. Richly symbolic and told as a mythic ‘folk tale’, it blends comedy and pathos, as it grapples with challenges many artists will know only too well.

The work holds a universal message, which is across the board and goes beyond the world of artists, and particularly important for young audiences: “take decisions following your own heart”.

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