The 100 club, where the music was born

A proper, real, music lover, cannot be unaware of the existence of a club where actually, the entire London music scene was born. I am talking about “The 100”, one of the oldest music venues in Uk which you can find at 100 Oxford Street, London’s main high street.

In fact, the most world-wide famous musicians of any music genre have performed on stage here.

From Jazz to Blues, Punk, Reggae, Rock all the way through to Indie. This stage has hosted massive names such as The Humph’s and the Chris Barber Jazz, Blues Band, Albert King and Otis Span, Bo Diddley and B.B King, Rod Stewart, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and The Animals whilst also world renowned bands such as The Who, The Kinks and The Clash were holding their shows here.

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It is in this basement with walls full of pictures displaying the golden age of music in London, that you will be able to percept the unique, magic atmosphere of those times.

As soon as you get down the stairs, don’t be surprise at how small the space is, windows-less and with a very low ceiling. Still, if you close your eyes, you might find yourself imagining The Rolling Stones or The Kings of Leon rather than The Sex Pistols, playing on the stage and, most likely, you could end up shivering, wishing you’d have been born in that era to see them live.

This club is in the heart of an unforgettable London, one of the most well known music scenes world-wide and is still attended by musicians such as Paul Weller, who used to play here with The Jam, while bands such as Metallica and The Rolling Stones used to gather here before leaving for world tours.

The 100, is not just a club for music lovers, it is “the” club.

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