Make Do Play an oasis of happiness for kids of all ages

The need to discover, the instinctive desire to make sense of small things, getting to know small people as well as adults, discovering different materials, colours, and scents with an expression that is sometimes a bit serious but then breaks into a sudden laugh at the first unexpected distraction.

Yesterday morning S. and I went to “Make Do Play” a playgroup for children of all ages that makes you wonder why there are no more places like this in this gigantic London of thousand opportunities. A playgroup created by two mothers who do not ask for money (you can leave a free offer to help with the purchase of materials). An oasis of happiness in north London where the little ones have met once a week this summer. (EDIT: This fantastic group now runs at St. Mary Hornsey)

Make Do PLay 1When it was time to go home, S. start crying as if he knew that yesterday was the last appointment of this British summer, and just did not want to abandon the garlands of flowers, the pieces of coloured plastic tubes, the makeshift swings in the trees from which the older children seemed to spy on his uncertain attempts to make friends with anyone, of any age, but also passers-by, because S. loves people, new things, exploration and this special playgroup just gave him all, and a little more.

Not to mention the possibility for me to talk to other mothers and reconnect with that other part of the world I struggle to see on a daily basis, mums like us, who knows where they hide during the day every day.

What a great place Make Do Play ♥ ️


(To keep updated with all the news and the next appointments follow their Instagram account).

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