London with kids (and toddlers): Hampstead Heath playground

In these first few weeks of the Autumnal season in London we didn’t have many sunny days but after all, living on this side of the channel, this is the kind of weather we certainly are used to. Last Sunday, however, the sun made its way through the clouds, giving us a day with such a blue sky that I felt like being in Italy again. That nice day it could not go to waste, and so little S. and I decided to take the opportunity to try a playground I had long heard of from some “Instagram moms”. Some said is among the best playgrounds in London which I can’t tell yet but definitely, is one of the best parks near me so I am happy to investigate :)

Located in my favorite park, the Hampstead Heath playground is for children up to 12 years old. Little adventurers will be happy to discover slings, slides, swings, and above all many climbing frames which are super fun for the little serial climbers, especially the ones between 2 and 10 years old. In the summer, the small pool by the playground provides refreshment for the little explorers, while there should also be a sandpit which is empty at the moment, what a shame.

Hampstead Heath playgroundMy little explorer, who in these days is trying to get familiar with the new skills that see him trotting in an (almost) vertical position, enjoyed walking/crawling between one ride and the other relying on my arms for a few turns on the various slides available. Whilst playing hide and seek, he enjoyed trying to make unlikely friendships with older children who, unfortunately for him, did not share the same interest.

Socializing with other parents and children is one of the things that this playground immersed in the beauty of Hampstead, and with so many rides and space for the little ones, encourages.  I wouldn’t say that this is the best playground for children who have not yet mastered the skill of walking, however, it is certainly an excellent pitstop to do in a day of exploration of the beauties of the park that invites you to long walks in its wildest part.

For those who have never been there, Hampstead Park is a reserve of about 320 hectares of wild grass and woodland located in North London. Nature, reveals corners of incredible beauty just a few meters from the noisy and hectic city. There are as many as thirty ponds spread across its wooded area, the most famous are the three ponds where it is possible to swim, and which during the summer become a popular destination for Londoners. At one of the highest points in the park, Parliament Hill, is also possible to enjoy a beautiful view of London, especially at sunset.

Among the parks in north London to go to with the little ones, Hampstead Heath is my favorite. With its ponds with ducks and swans, its playground with many rides, and the awesome park that invites a picnic on sunny days, it is the ideal destination for a few hours of exploration and relaxation.

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