Intertwined, when architecture meets dance

If you are passionate about art and you love the idea of different disciplines coming together to give life to something unique, next week, from the 10th till the 12th of June, there is an appointment you cannot miss. The talent of the award-winning choreographer and installation artist, Riccardo Buscarini, meets the powerful work of architects Annarita Papeschi and Vincent Nowak (Flow Architectureat the London Festival of Architecture 2016.

Far from being like any other artistic project, INTERTWINED is an interactive installation exploring the powerful relationship between architectural design and the experience of space through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in architecture and dance. A real investigation of the transformative potential of a joint and co-creative practice which result in a unique experience.
Designed as a site-specific installation, INTERTWINED is set within the Courtyard House, a large family home currently under extensive renovation in the London neighbourhood of Kensington. Conceived as an exploration of the dichotomy between the rough tectonics of the site and the fluid elegance of the intangible architectural design, the installation emerges as the medium bridging the choreographic work, the architectural design and the audience’s experience.

INTERTWINED links the imagined architectural design with the existing house, the space with the audience, a family house to its surrounding Kensington neighborhood. An experimental collaboration between architecture and dance, INTERTWINED represents also the chance to bridge two different audiences, architecture enthusiasts and dance audience, making a clear bridge between different artistic communities.


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