Around me

Intertwined, when architecture meets dance

If you are passionate about art and you love the idea of different disciplines coming together to give life to something unique, next week, from the 10th till the 12th of June, there is an appointment you cannot miss. The talent of the award-winning choreographer and installation artist, Riccardo [continua a leggere...]

Anglesey, a small paradise in the heart of Wales

On the way up to the North of England, you will realise when you are getting to Wales as soon as you see road signals with unpronounceable names. Yet, you’ll see the landscapes changing whilst driving up to this peculiar part of Britain where 3/4 of the population doesn’t speak english. In [continua a leggere...]

Cardboard Cabaret: the cabaret made with cardboard

Margherita likes to play with cardboard. She likes getting her hands dirty by cutting, sticking, stopping and beginning again. She likes inventing and experimenting, she loves different voices and new sounds; fantasy worlds and secret dances; anything rather than fall into something mundane and [continua a leggere...]
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