Cardboard Cabaret: the cabaret made with cardboard

Margherita likes to play with cardboard. She likes getting her hands dirty by cutting, sticking, stopping and beginning again.

She likes inventing and experimenting, she loves different voices and new sounds; fantasy worlds and secret dances; anything rather than fall into something mundane and already endlessly repeated.

Margherita, a Roman performer who moved to London, doesn’t believe in plans. She lives in the “here and now” and so after she studied drama in Rome and travelled around Europe, following and chasing her passion, it finally led her to London.

One performance as a clown with Dan, her English colleague, made her realize her love for drama is in her blood and not “just a whim”. The artistic environment she had discovered in the summer of 2010, while she was attending a Festival in England, satisfies her endless desire to have fun and make people happy.


In 2011, between one performance and the next, Margherita moved to London; always looking for new and exciting experiences, new ways to express art; becoming aware of the freedom to experiment, improvise, without any restriction of rules.

Margherita talks to me: she speaks about “going with the flow” of creativity and about her inability to give up something powerful like the cabaret. Her idea of cabaret is creating together, sharing, laughing, playing and meeting up. An intimate space where one can overcome any limits or boundaries, through creativity.

There is no glitter in Margherita’s cabaret; her cabaret is made by cardboard, hence “Cardboard Cabaret”.

Cardboard Cabaret became a guest act on the first Wednesday of the month at The Russet. With several performances run by artists from everywhere in the world, the show has the aim to propose new and original numbers: experimenting, creating and playing on the stage.

Flowing with the creativity, freedom of expression, experimentation without limits: the drama is back to the human heart and is no longer just glamour and burlesque, but is real “theatre”.

Cardboard to remind you of your childhood; Cabaret as a space where the artist creates together with their audience, without ever excluding them, but involving them.

With heart and soul, this is Cardboard Cabaret.


Info: 07771101885

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