Anglesey, a small paradise in the heart of Wales

On the way up to the North of England, you will realise when you are getting to Wales as soon as you see road signals with unpronounceable names. Yet, you’ll see the landscapes changing whilst driving up to this peculiar part of Britain where 3/4 of the population doesn't speak english. In fact, they speak a language which, believe me, you will be far from understanding, even a bit. It’s probably part of the charme of this beautiful area. But if Wales is as beautiful as it is known to be, today I want to talk about an even more amazing area: the Island of Anglesey.

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A soon as you get there, you will be breathing a different air. Green and blue are the colours taking the centre of the scenario which will be opening at your sight. You will see forests and awesome beaches like the one I could enjoy during this hiking trip I took in a very special companionship. In fact, I found myself travelling towards this amazing island thanks to the London Adventure Group, a travelling business which arranges hiking trips all around England and abroad. As a first experience for me, I found it extremely pleasant and I’m sure I’ll join this group again.

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Gary is the founder and the leader: he managed to arrange a beautiful tour I need to advise you to do as well. It is not too challenging for beginners to hike, but it is suggested just to all of you people, who loves to be surrounded by nature whilst getting to know new places.

It is worth mentioning the place where I and the others fifteen people who were part of the group, we had sleep. It is called Outdoor Alternative and is just near Rhoscolyn, in the heart of the most beautiful nature I’ve yet seen in Uk.

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Suitable, specially for groups, here, you’ll find the right place to chill out and breathe the unique and peaceful atmosphere of Anglesey.
Wherever you look, you’ll only see nature, nature and then.. nature again. Just lovely.
If during the day the view of the horizon is just stunning, the night is lit up by the stars so much more visible when the sky is clear. The funny thing is that apparently in this part of Wales, the weather is quite often different from other parts, as there is a special micro-climate which means that, for instance, if in the close and beautiful mountains of Snowdonia it is raining, in here the sun might be shining.
We’ve been blessed and we have actually been exploring the area warmed up by a fantastic sun, so unusual for this time of the year.
After having spent the night in this peaceful place, on Saturday morning we were ready to start our adventure. We drove to Newborough Forest were we started to walk along a path which headed down to an unmissable beach called Llanddwyn Bay. The peculiarity of this part of the coast is the existence of a small island which is reachable just when the tight is low. The Llanddwyn Island is part of the Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve and its name means “The church of St Dwynwen”. In fact, St Dwynwen is the Welsh saint patron of lovers, making her the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine. Her feast day, 25 January, is often celebrated by the Welsh with cards and flowers, just as is 14 February for the rest of Britain.

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From this small island if you are as lucky as we’ve been, you could see in the distance, the peaks of the mountains of Snowdonia, a very famous and beautiful National Park which is worth to pay a visit to. On the Island you would be able to see a white tower, Twr Mawr (big tower), which from 1845 until 1976, was the lighthouse that marked the rocky peninsula near the south west corner of Anglesey known as Llanddwyn Island. Built in a conical style, perhaps inspired by the design of Anglesey’s windmills, this 35ft tower with an effective height above sea level of 82ft was visible from 7 miles away.

The atmosphere in this narrow strip of land, gets quite magical while you walk through the ruins of Llanddwyn Chapel, consisting of a christian cross and a celtic cross.

photo: London Adventure Group

photo: London Adventure Group

Photo: London Adventure Group

Photo: London Adventure Group

photo: London Adventure Group

photo: London Adventure Group







Once we have enjoyed the beautiful landscape from this piece of paradise we walked back to the parking and we drove up to South Stack lighthouse where we have enjoyed the beautiful light of an extraordinary sunset. The South Stack lighthouse is open to tourists who, at a very cheap price, will be able to enjoy a beautiful view from the top of the tower.


Make sure to be fit enough, as in order to get to the lighthouse you will have to go down the hill for 412 stairs plus 127 till the top of the tower… and the way back of course! It is worth doing it though!


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After such a day we ended up craving for a proper meal, so we went to the White Eagle Pub in Rhoscolyn. Good food and some pints have helped!

The following day, once out of the hostel, the scenario which welcomed us was quite something: a beautiful sky framing what it seemed to be a postcard’s landscape. Blue and green playing together in what seemed to be a dance of colours. The atmosphere we experienced is not easy to describe so these are the photos which you can see yourself.

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Before heading back to London, Gary took us to a place you will never remember the name, and if you do so, please let me know how you did it.
To me it sounded like from a Tongue Twisters game, a tough one. In fact, we went to the place which currently is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the place with the longest name in Britain and it is not difficult to believe: it’s called Lanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch which means “St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the fierce whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave”.. easy to remember, isn’t it?
If you think about it, it’s a very clever name to be given to a town… Because of it, in fact, they have many tourists going just to take a picture of themselves where the train station is. Well.. in this town of just 3000 people, there is not much more to see but still.. why not to have a memorable picture?

instagram longest name long_Fotor longest name_Fotor

Anglesey is a place about as far as you can go before Ireland, is it maybe not that close to London as you would wish to be, but believe me.. it really is worth a visit. If you like climbing, hiking and the outdoors activity in general then.. well you really have to go there!
To me, it has been one of the most beautiful place I have ever been and I’m sure.. You will agree with me!


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  1. Beautiful. I had no idea about this! Thanks for sharing.

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