About me

19893756_10214073662864062_1348531722_oMy name is Cristina and I am amongst the half a million Italians who, at some point, decided to  change their lives and move to London. A suitcase ready and a one-way ticket: that’s all I needed to start the most beautiful adventure of my life.

A Mass Media Sociologist, back in the days I had worked as a Journalist for TV, web and magazines. I would say…you can take anything away from me but the chance to speak, communicate, tell my own opinion!

So, in August 2010 I landed at Gatwick Airport with a backpack on my shoulders, map in my hands, smile on my face and.. with no idea what would happen next.

Animated by a tremendous desire of adventure but with no knowledge of either the language or any connections and yet, many dreams to run after and goals to achieve. I won’t lie: the beginnings were not easy at all.

Then, as the time passed, the horizon broadened, the adventure became even more exciting and my life was topped up with plenty of new faces, new places, new stories to tell.

Stories, places, people: these are the most important ingredients in making me happy, together with a notebook and pen always in my pocket.

Once already badly in love with London, I couldn’t help myself: In March 2013, Londrachiamaitalia was born with the purpose of sharing my experience with you who are living here, dreaming about it or simply in love with it. Like I am.

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