My name is Cristina and I am amongst the half a million Italians who, at some point, decided to change their lives and move to London. A suitcase ready and a one-way ticket: that’s all I needed to start the most beautiful adventure of my life. A Mass Media Sociologist, back in the days I had worked as a Journalist for TV, web and magazines. I would say…you can take anything away from me but the chance to speak, communicate, tell my own opinion! [read more...]


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  • How to write a great cv? at

    “Have you submitted many CVs but companies haven’t contacted you yet? Have you been looking for a job opportunity for months with no results at all? Do you have a LinkedIn profile, but don’t know how to maximise its potential? How many times did you receive a call from a recruiter who did not contact you again after the first conversation?” Cv&Coffee is organising workshops to help you learn how to be competitive in the Uk job market. Make sure to book your ticket, for only £10 you will be able to understand how to grab that job opportunity you are longing for… The cost of the ticket will be entirely donated to Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica for research purposes. How to book your ticket: send an email to info@cvandcoffee.com Next workshops: Wednesday, 2nd of May, 2018  – at 6.30PM – venue TBC Wednesday, 30th of May, 2018 – at 6.30PM – venue TBC Learn more here

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